40 Hours Devotion

All are invited to join in

Forty Hours of

Eucharistic Adoration

at the

Carmelite Monastery

26 Harmony School Road

Flemington, NJ 08822

beginning Sunday, Nov. 10th, after 8:00am Mass,and concluding Tuesday, Nov. 12th, after 7:15am Mass

Fri.             1         All Saints                                                Solemnity

Sat.            2         All Souls                                                 Commemoration

Sun.           3         St. Martin de Porres, Religious          Opt. Memorial

Mon.         4         St. Charles  Borromeo, Bishop           Memorial

Tues.         5                                                                          

Wed.          6         Bl. Josepha Naval Girbes, VirginOpt.        Memorial

Thu.          7         Bl. Francis Palau Y Quer, Priest         Opt. Memorial

Fri.             8         St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, Virgin   Memorial

Sat.            9         Dedication of St. John Lateran          Feast

Sun.           10       St. Leo the Great, Pope                        Memorial

Mon.         11       St. Martin of Tours, Bishop                Memorial

Tues.         12       St. Josephat, Bishop & Martyr           Memorial

Wed.          13       St. Frances Cabrini, Virgin                 Memorial

Thu.          14       All Carmelite Saints                             Feast

Fri.             15       All Carmelite Souls                              Commemoration

Sat.            16        St. Margaret of Scotland – St. Gertrude, Virgin                              Opt. Memorials

Sun.           17       St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious Memorial

Mon.         18       Dedication of the Churches of Sts. Peter & Paul  Opt. Memorial

Tues.         19       St. Raphael Kalinowski, Priest          Memorial

Wed.          20                                                                        

Thu.          21       Presentation of Mary                           Memorial

Fri.             22       St. Cecilia, Virgin & Martyr               Memorial

Sat.            23       St. Clement, Pope & Martyr – St. Columban, Abbot – Bl. Miguel Pro, Martyr                           Opt. Memorials

Sun.             24       Sts. Andrew Dung-Lac, Priest, and Companions,  Martyrs           Memorial

Mon.         25                                                                        

Tues.         26                                                                        

Wed.          27                                                                        

Thu.          28                                                                        

Fri.             29       Bl. Denis & Redemptus, Martyrs      Memorial

Sat.            30       St. Andrew, Apostle                             Feast