Trilogy – The Forbidden Door Trilogy – Complete


The full set of 3 volumes

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Go with David and Laura, Lyn and Greg to the world of the Green Dragons and experience the dragons’ faith-inspired way of life and their courageous loyalty.

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3 reviews for Trilogy – The Forbidden Door Trilogy – Complete

  1. Flemington Carmel

    “I have read and re-read your The Forbidden Door Trilogy and have found it delightful!” (Frank, from Ohio)

  2. Flemington Carmel

    “The first book of the Trilogy was my favorite childhood book, read literally a hundred or more times long ago. I was thrilled to discover, here as an adult, that I could get a copy of it – and two more books, too! I look forward to sharing these treasures with my two daughters.” (Jenny, from Texas)

  3. Flemington Carmel

    “I am well aware of the power of these books. Yours are jewels. It is the type of book I read to my son virtually every night from the time he was small. They are written in such a clear way. I was immediately struck by the first controversy, ‘Why do I have to go to church?’ The kids start off a bit self-absorbed, but are given such a gift! You even show the importance of politeness as a ‘survival tool’! I’m sure you found that out from your travels as a child, as I did: one always fared better when one was polite, and as you know, this builds habit and habit builds virtue. I see a lot of myself in Greg Hartland – your characterizations are very good!”
    (Michael F., a NJ doctor)

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