Trilogy – The Master of Wisdom – Vol. 2


208 pages, paperback, by Jeanne K. Norweb.

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The Door into the world of the Green Dragons unexpectedly opens again, this time to David and Laura’s new friends, Greg and Lyn, as they help the Green Dragons win back their land.

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2 reviews for Trilogy – The Master of Wisdom – Vol. 2

  1. Flemington Carmel

    “Thank you for this wonderful literary gift from Jeanne Norweb! I just finished reading The Gold Armband and can’t wait to re-read the Trilogy! What awesome lessons they hold. I must take notes next time as I read. My children Meg and Dan have already read The Forbidden Door and The Master of Wisdom in the past week. I would consider promoting them at the Catholic Home School Conference in June, if you wish!” (Carol, a home-schooling mother from MD)

  2. Flemington Carmel

    “I read Volume 1 to my grandchildren last summer; then they read it by themselves at home! When they came back to visit this summer they asked me to read it to them again! I can’t wait to share Volume 2 with them this Christmas!” (Loretta, from New Hampshire)

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