Our Life

What is the Life of a Carmelite?

Our schedule gives us a balanced life of personal prayer, community prayer, work and community living.
5:30 Rise
5:50 Liturgy of the Hours
7:00 Prayer
7:15 Holy Mass, Thanksgiving
8:00 Liturgy of the Hours
8:15 Coffee, Spiritual Reading
9:30 Manual Work
11:00 Liturgy of the Hours
11:15 Examination of Conscience
11:25 Dinner,
followed by an hour of Recreation
1:00 Manual Work
2:00 Liturgy of the Hours
Quiet Period
3:00 Manual Work
4:45 Liturgy of the Hours
5:15 Prayer
6:15 Supper and Recreation
8:00 Liturgy of the Hours
8:30 Free Time
9:30 Liturgy of the Hours
10:15 Spiritual Reading
11:00 Retire

A Carmelite Life is Prayer

Scripture calls us to pray always, to seek God in all that we do. The Carmelite life is based on living this Divine request. The Mass is the highlight of each day; Our Lord’s abiding Presence draws every other activity into a continual sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.